General conditions


In the present general conditions of short-term rent we mean:
Lessor, the contractual part that grants a rented property.
Lessee, the contractual party that receives a leased asset.
Reservation, the Lessee’s request to rent for a period of up to 30 days. consecutive one or more lodgings.
Lease proposal, the communication by the landlord, following receipt of the reservation, of availability of one or more lodgings.
Confirmation of the lease, notification by the landlord of receipt of the deposit or of the entire rent.
Lease contract, the document that the landlord has at the check-in at the check-in, following the payment of the entire stay, intended to perfect the lease and which gives the right to enjoy the accommodation (s) in a full and exclusive manner within the time limits and compliance with the obligations entered into.
Deposit, the amount in cash required by the landlord to the tenant for the purpose of confirming the lease first and the completion of the lease thereafter.
Price policy, is expressed in EURO per accommodation, per day, and is inclusive of: ELECTRICITY SUPPORT-HOT AND COLD WATER-GAS-CONDITIONING AND HEATING-FIRST SUPPLY OF BED LINES-FIRST SUPPLY OF BATH LINEN- USE OF NATURE-WIFI SYSTEM. It is not inclusive of: FINAL CLEANING (from 40 to 60 Euro for accommodation required by the structure) -POSTO BEACH-BIKE RENTAL SERVICE (from 5 Euro per day per bike) – ENTRANCE TO AQUATIC PARKS.

Reservation and completion of the lease

The reservation is effective only upon payment of the deposit or the entire amount of the rental period. The lease is understood to be completed when, at the check-in stage, the landlord provides the tenant with the lease contract after payment of the entire stay.

Deposit and payment of the rent

The amount of the amount due as a deposit together with the details of the proposal will be communicated to the lessee with the contract proposal. The deposit corresponds to 30% of the rent. The payment of the deposit is accepted only by bank transfer. The landlord reserves the right not to accept more than 15 days. from the date of availability of the accommodation (s) with consequent revocation of the relative lease proposal. The balance of the lease will be honored at the time of check-in. Cash payments are also accepted for the balance.

Cancellation and withdrawal

In case of cancellation up to 7 days. before check-in you can cancel and cancel the booking of the lease with written notice without losing the deposit paid which will be refunded after deducting the bank transaction costs. If the notice of cancellation occurs within 7 days. before check-in, or the lessee does not show up on the aforementioned date, the deposit is not refunded but remains at the landlord as compensation for potential loss of money due to the late cancellation of the reservation.

Arrival, non-arrival and early departure

The arrival must take place on the day established between 4.30pm and 8.00pm. The identity documents of all the persons occupying the accommodation will have to be presented for registration. In case of delay after the specified time or late arrival the next day the lessee will have to inform the landlord. Otherwise, and in any case no later than 10 am the next day, the accommodation will be free to be leased to third parties with the consequent loss of the deposit. If the tenant anticipates his departure with respect to the agreed term, he has no right to any reimbursement or reduction of the rent.

Residence rules and penalties for their non-compliance.

.The booked apartment is at your disposal from 4.30 pm on the day of arrival to 10 am on the day of departure. We ask you to respect these times and in particular the departure time in order to allow the reorganization of the same to the cleaners. Upon arrival, the accommodation is available only after having completed all the formalities required at check-in (from the exhibition of identification documents for all guests, to the declaration of acknowledgment of the rules governing the lease, to the payment of the security deposit required, at the balance of the entire stay). Minors are not allowed in individual lodgings unless accompanied by at least one adult guardian. During your stay we ask you to use the equipment of the accommodation responsibly so as not to cause damage and inconvenience to other tenants. In particular, the landlord is not liable for damages to persons or objects resulting from inadequate behavior and not respectful of the condominium standards indic.